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Who Am I?

Since 1973 – Lloyd and Beverly Herrera, both natives of San Antonio, are a team that has gone from very modest beginnings to become one of the largest in the state of Texas. Lloyds franchises, like the company owned stores in San Antonio, Texas are a reflection of the personality, innovation and hard work of these two people.

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Lloyd’s Diamonds Owner

Lloyd Herrera
Lloyd HerreraFounder
Lloyd started his jewelry stores way back before the internet existed. For decades Lloyd has served the San Antonio area with the best deals on Engagement rings and wedding bands.

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Lloyd and Beverly Herrera met when both were teenagers working at a department store to help pay their school expenses. Beverly graduated from San Antonio’s Robert E. Lee High School and Lloyd from Central Catholic and then he attended St. Mary’s University. They dated for five years before they felt they could afford marriage. While in college, Lloyd went to work for one of the major national jewelry chains. Three years later he moved to another chain, and by the age of 21 already was a store manager. He managed stores for one of the chains in San Antonio, New Mexico, Corpus Christi, Laredo and Arizona. Finally, after 10 years with one of the chains and tired of moving about, the couple returned to San Antonio determined to go into business for themselves.

Lloyd’s History

Lloyd applied for a Small Business Administration loan and at first was turned down. Then, through the intervention of a friend who convinced the SBA to have another look at his proposal and his determination, the loan was approved. Lloyd and Beverly opened one small store on the Northeast side of San Antonio. For the first two years, they couldn’t even afford to hire help. Both went to the store early in the day and Beverly helped keep it open until time for the family two children to return from school. Then she would go home, leaving Lloyd to run the store alone while she tended the children and worked on the books, often until late in the evening.

Defining style

I used to pray for a salesman to come along, Lloyd is fond of saying, so I could put him to work and go to the restroom. But through hard work and some extremely innovative merchandising and advertising ideas, the store grew. As the store grew, Lloyd made a thorough study of each step in that growth, making certain it was carefully grounded in sound principles some of which, though sound, were different from the approaches taken by other jewelers.

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